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Size does not matter when it comes to great ads

14 May

Good advertising does not necessarily need big budgets. A good value proposition with a clear message paired with creativity can create great ads at an affordable price. When I’m visiting a city I like to have a close look at local advertising – especially of small businesses. These ads are often influenced by the environment they have been created in. You can feel the spirit of the city, the people, the landscape or local habits and humour.

These ads help you feel the “vibes” of the city. So I’m always happy to spot some good authentic local ads. Today I’m presenting a little piece of creativity and humour that promotes a small local business from Berlin: Tom’s Fritten. Tom’s Fritten is a small take-away restaurant in Berlin Mitte that specializes in homemade french fries.  They are proud of and famous for their fries.

This value proposition has been perfectly visualized in their ad (agency: unknown):

Toms Fritten AdReads: other french fries I put somewhere else…

Author: Christoph Grass


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