This blog is created by bubblebridge and a network of marketing experts we work with on a regular basis. Passion for marketing and a good sense of humour is what glues us together.  

Marketing Expert Network

Paul Treleaven

Professional creative with 20+ years’ experience developing campaigns and materials (from emails to television commercials) for organisations including Qantas, BP Solar, BrainLAB, HP, Symantec, Swisse Vitamins and many more! Currently in Australia but has spent much of his life living and working overseas including Indonesia, the US and Germany. Find out more at

bubblebridge Management Team


From left to right:

Anthony O’Connor
Partner, Director Online

Thomas Mayer
Partner, Director Client Services Classic

Amy Dwyer
Partner, Director Client Services Interactive

Christoph Grass
Partner, Director Strategy and Chief Editor of this Blog

Marie Knoll
Partner, Creative Director



One Response to “Team”

  1. Chatty Owl May 27, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    Only now I have realised its you!!!!! Awesome! I might need to invest in marketing, so will have you in mind when that happens! Hope all is well with you, Christoph! Been ages!

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