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 mit beschränkter Haftung
Sitz der Gesellschaft: München
Handelsregister: Amtsgericht München HRB 18486
Managing directors: Anthony O’Connor Amy Dwyer

Ust-ID-Nr.: DE270819281

bubblebridge classic GmbH

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mit beschränkter Haftung
Sitz der Gesellschaft: München
Handelsregister: Amtsgericht München HRB 184400
Managing directors: Marie Knoll Thomas Mayer

Ust-ID-Nr.: DE270035995 

bubblebridge strategy

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Tel: +49 (0)89 95 89 90-0
Fax:+49 (0)89 95 89 90-59

Managing directors: Christoph Grass
Ust-ID-Nr.: DE273031131

Responsible for content:
Christoph Grass


This website constitutes the temporary state of a continuous work process. Although the greatest care is taken in putting together the information contained in our web pages, Bubblebridge cannot guarantee that it is up to date, accurate or com- plete.

That also applies to all links to which the website refers either directly or indirectly. Bubblebridge is not responsible for the contents of a page that is reached via any such link.

On no account can Bubblebridge be held liable for damage of any kind arising from the use of or in connection with the use of the information herein supplied, be it direct or indirect damage or conse- quential damage, including lost profits or damage arising from data loss.

We reserve the right to amend information on this server without prior notification. All offers are sub- ject to change without notice and are not binding. privacy and Data protection Statement (Informa- tion on collecting, processing and using personal data on Bubblebridge website)

1) Introduction

The following statement provides an overview of the way in which Bubblebridge guarantees the pro- tection of individuals with regard to the collection, processing and purpose of use of personal data.

2) Definitions

‘personal data means any information concerning the personal or material circumstances of an iden- tified or identifiable individual (the data subject)

‘ (§3 para 1 BDSG).
‘Personal data’ defines information about an identi- fied or identifiable natural person, e.g. name, age, e-mail address or house address.
‘Website’ means the website of Bubblebridge In- teractive GmbH and Bubblebridge

3) Collecting, processing and using of personal data
We only collect, process or use personal data if you voluntarily provide this data to us and if the use of the data is legitimate or that you have given your consent.
Your data is not forwarded to 3rd parties through sale, lease or exchange. If data is passed on to external service providers (commissioned data processing), they are bound to the laws of the Federal Data protection Act, to other data pro- tection regulations, and to this data protection statement. We will pass on your data to an au- thorised government or private body in the case that we are obliged to by law or by court deci- sion. Furthermore, we reserve the right to pass on your personal data to third parties if this should be necessary to counter attacks that constitute a criminal offence, or are able to prevent or affect the functional capability of our Internet sites or networks.

4) Anonymous Information

When the website is used, other non-personal data also arises. The user can mostly not be identified from this data. Every time the user enters a page of the website, and every time particular data is

retrieved, the data is stored in a protocol. The storage of this data is necessary for the system and for statistical reasons. Each time the user ac- cesses the data, the following records are saved: Name of retrieved data, Date and time of retrieval, Amount of data transmitted, Report re. success of retrieval, Description of type of web browser used, Referrer URL (of previously visited page), Host name of computer being used (Ip address).

It is not possible to identify the person from this data.
This data will not be collated with other data sources, and the data will be deleted after the statistical analysis.

5) Cookies

The website uses so-called ‘cookies’ in several places, although it is not always possible for us to indicate this to you. Cookies are small text files that are saved on the user’s hard drive.

Cookies do not damage your computer or contain viruses.

6) Links and Hyperlinks

The following applies to anyone using the Applica- tion and links to other web pages:
Bubblebridge states categorically that at the time of creating the links, the linked pages contained no illegal content. Bubblebridge has no influence whatsoever over further and future restructuring of the linked or integrated pages. Bubblebridge distances itself herewith completely and categori- cally from all content of all linked pages which were or are changed after the creation of the links. This statement

applies to all links and references within the website. Only the creator of the page can be held responsible for all illegal, erroneous or incomplete content, and in particular for any damage which may arise as a result of using or not using such information. Anyone simply referring to the publi- cised page cannot be held responsible.

7) Data Security

We accept responsibility for your data’s security. In order to avoid the possibility of unauthorised access and to guarantee the accuracy of data and its correct use, we have set up a relevant technical and organisational procedure to save and protect all the data we obtain online.

8) Provision of Information to Data Subject

According to §34 BDSG, you have unlimited rights, free of charge, to information about the personal data referring to yourself which we have saved, as well as the right (according to §35 BDSG) to de- lete or block inaccurate data. If you request it, we will be pleased to let you know in writing whether we have any saved personal data about you and

if so, which data. As far as possible, we will use
all available methods to update or amend your personal data at short notice. In this case, please contact our Data protection Commissioner directly.

9) Final Clause

Bubblebridge reserves the right to alter this data protection statement at any time without sending notice of updates.


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